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Online Games Clicker is a game in which players click on various objects to increase them or improve their character. Initially, you’ll earn one unit of gold for each click, but after you’ve made several improvements, you’ll be able to earn tens of times more. This way, you can basically mine gold on a commercial scale.

Idiot browser games

Idiot browser games challenge your brain and require a lot of logic. Penguin Shovedown is one such game. You will need to navigate through 33 different worlds by working switches and learning unusual tiles. This is a fun game for the whole family, and there’s a free version available for download.

Idiot browser games are tycoon games

If you’re looking for a good tycoon game, there are a few out there to try. One example is Big Chief, a $2.99 game that parodies corporate culture. The game uses Tinder-like swipe mechanics to keep you engaged, and the visuals are cartoon-like. Players swipe right or left to accept or reject ideas. They then have to determine how these decisions affect the scores of adjacent tiles. There’s also a competitive mode and a single player mode.

Idiot browser games are popular

In the early days of the web, browser games defined a new kind of poker online culture one defined by shock value humor and norm-breaking one-upsmanship. Some of the most famous browser games were ones that turned real-life tragedies into lolz. Some were praised by the community, while others sparked moral panic. Right-wing politicians even blamed browser games for mass shootings.